house-made granola with milk or yogurt 8
roasted butternut squash pancakes with pomegranate, pepitas & chili powder  15
cornmeal waffle with maple syrup & butter
smoked fish with toasted rye & redwood hill goat cheese  16
soft-scrambled eggs with fontina and crème fraîche  14
chorizo and eggs with sofrito and fried potatoes   15
the tavern "benedict" with prosciutto, gruyere and hollandaise  16
brisket hash with sunny-side eggs and horseradish cream  17

house-smoked bacon 5
vande rose ham  5
country-style pork sausage patties  4
fried potatoes  4
toast basket with butter and seasonal jam  5
market fruit  6
market berries  8

from the larder
soup of the day- cup 6/bowl 10
bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with parmesan 6
julie's spiced nuts 5
chilled gulf shrimp with horseradish cocktail sauce 12
artisanal cheeses: choice of 3 or 5 15/25
larder selection of cured meats and cheeses 16

simple salad, lemon, radish and soft herbs 11
little gems, shrimp, lime, green harissa and buttermilk   19
chopped chicken, apple, bacon, mustard and point reyes blue 15
larder Cobb, romaine, sweet potatoes, beets, chickpeas and avocado  15

add grilled chicken 7
add grilled salmon 8

the american in paris - iowa ham, oregon butter, radishes   13
the laurel canyon- feta yogurt, red peppers, avocado & green harissa  14 
the pilgrim - turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mayonnaise 15
the nicoise - spanish tuna, cucumber, tomato, olive, egg 16
the grand fromage - grilled young asiago  13
add tomato or prosciutto 2 each

main courses
market fish with market greens, persimmons, lemongrass, lime & pomegranate salsa 24
steak frites with béarnaise, arugula salad, and herbed fries 25
niman ranch beef burger with fontina 18
organic turkey burger with tomato confit 17

pork, pork, pork burger with manchego and romesco 18
with arugula salad, herbed fries or onion rings

tavern trio 14
(choose any 3 of the items below)

farro and black rice with winter squash, dried cranberries, pecans & parmesan
marinated beets with red onion & horseradish
curried chicken with almonds & raisins

quinoa with black beans, roasted poblanos, feta & lime

young broccoli with arbol chili, garlic & shallot

roasted cauliflower with curry & cilantro
long-cooked cavolo nero